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Rendy Jones

Ladies watch out,

Are you looking for a high-class gigolo specialised in tantra massage that can make you squirt?

Then look no further because we are proud to introduce you to “Rendy Jones”

Rendy is a male companion with a great deal of experience in tantra massage with a little bit extra to let you see the true difference between a great evening and an unforgettable one.

Rendy is very docile and conscious of his surroundings. He is great at picking up on cues about what you like or dislike.

During a rendezvous with Rendy, he is always looking out for what you like and how you want to be pampered. You don’t have to tell him directly because he will find out on his own. By listening carefully to your words, your tone and scanning the contours of your beautiful body will he be able to sense what your needs are and what he should do with them.

Rendy will explore and investigate every inch of your body, reacting to your impulses and desires.

With his strong hands, he will gently take over the driver's seat and take you on a wonderful ride.

Are you looking for something a little more than just an erotic tantra massage? This is also possible with Rendy.

Carrying an impressive 23cm weapon, he can make any woman melt to her knees.

Are you a man and you want to learn how you can please your woman with a tantra or yoni massage? Give Mrs.Jones a call and we can arrange a special workshop for you with Rendy.
More about me
Looking for a special and unique experience where not a man but only you yourself as the centrepiece?

Welcome. Here I am, Rendy Jones. I am a high-class tantra gigolo at Mrs. Jones High Class Escort.

I distinguish myself by giving massages or a combination of a tantric massage and intimacy as much you want.

I can give great Swedish hot-stone massages and also sensual massages too such as tantra or Yoni. Either or both is possible with me.

Many women have specific questions about tantra and Yoni massage, and I would love to answer all your curiosities and explain in detail during a date.

Erotic Tantra Massage

An erotic tantra massage can sometimes be a great foreplay to heighten the arousal and subsequent orgasms during sex. My style of Tantra massages are specifically aimed for women and can be very sensual in order for you to experience higher levels of arousal than usual. It's a relaxing way to get excited and to get to know your body. It is often a way to regain the vigour of the usual everyday sex again.

An erotic Tantra Massage is something you must feel. Not enough words can describe the feeling one gets from this experience. Your whole body will be drifting along the passionate massage and because every inch of the body receives attention, it's a massage like no other!

Breasts, buttocks and intimate parts are associated immediately with sex here in the West.
But Tantra with its Eastern origins has a much more beautiful and richer connotation.
In fact, the woman is central to everything. Much as a Goddess and is also treated that way. Without any ulterior motives and especially without having to forcefully do anything.

Every portion of you receives all my attention, and you can enjoy the moment of not being in control of anything and just float on a cloud of care, assurance, warmth and attentiveness. I will offer you an experience a total relaxation as your body gets 100% attention during a date with me here on Mrs. Jones.

Even help accessories can be used during an erotic Tantra Massage. But I prefer to just use my hands for massaging and caressing.

Yoni massage:

I dare you to open yourself completely, nothing matters and anything goes. Dig deep into the power of your own sensuality and your sexuality. I will create depth in your tenderness, and reach for the meaning of your most intimate feminine core. The Yoni of your beautiful body or in other words, your vagina.

For the most intimate part of your body, your Yoni receives, holds, and collects all that there is to know about your most intimate secrets. This aspect of the female gender has known for many centuries. Ousted and unprocessed vulnerable moments such as sexual abuse or hostile sexual environments can lead to:
-pain, dry-spells, tension, insensitivity
-guilt or fear

With me you can anticipate that I will:
- be open to your wishes, needs and desires
- attentive to your presence
- touch you in the most intimate and passionate way
- massage you
- remove your blockades and make you conscious of your own sexual energy

A Yoni Massage reaches deep within. I will make sure that this is done in the most gentle manner possible. Since your Yoni is connected with all of your existence and is crucial to your inner growth.

The Yoni massage will make clear what surrendering means to you. And I will be your instrument of healing.

Finally, I can also pay attention to the following issues:
• The G-spot for a G-spot orgasm
• ejaculation (squirting), which is also possible before an orgasm
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